achilles tang

Unfortunately, the Achilles Tang has a poor survival rate when kept in captivity. They are not for the inexperienced aquarist. However, if you are a more experienced saltwater aquarist, you might think about keeping an Achilles. They are peaceful aquarium inhabitants and will rarely bother their tankmates. Just about the only exception is when kept with other Tangs/Surgeonfish, particularly of their own species. Then they will become aggressive towards the other Tang. They are reef-safe, and can be kept with any invertebrates. Also, they shouldn't be kept in a tank under 100 gallons. The Achilles Tang (and all Tangs, for that matter) needs plenty of swimming room. Possible tankmates include Clownfish, Blennies, Gobies, Chromis, Butterflyfish, and small Lionfish and Eels.

Acanthurus achilles is a tropical fish with the common names Achilles Tang and Achilles surgeonfish.


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