african lemon-dove

The African Lemon-dove is distributed in montane forests of Africa, ranging for example from some 100 meters to 3000 meters AMSL in eastern Africa (Jensen et al. 2005). The diet consists mainly of various small fruits, seeds, molluscs and insects. The female usually lays two creamy white eggs.

The African Lemon-dove (Columba larvata) also known as Cinnamon Dove, is a small, up to 29cm long, pigeon in the family Columbidae. The male is distinct from other African pigeons in genus Columba for its terrestrial habit and for having a white face and forecrown; it is sometimes separated in the genus Aplopelia (e.g. BirdLife International 2004). Some sources treat the Sao Tome Lemon-dove C. l. simplex as a separate species.


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