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The foundation dam of the American Cream Draft was a cream colored draft mare of unknown breeding, Old Granny, purchased in 1911 in Iowa. Many of her progeny carried her distinctive colouring and these foals drew much attention in the local farming community. One of her descendants, the stallion Silver Lace No. 9, foaled in 1931 from a Belgian mare, had the biggest early influence on the breed. In the mid-1930s, C.T. Rierson of Iowa purchased a number of creams with the intent of establishing a breed, and for the first time, detailed records were kept. The foundation stock was a mixture of cream-colored horses of unknown background, Belgians, Shires, and Percherons. He created the name "American Cream," and in 1944 the American Cream Draft Horse Association was formed by Mr. Rierson and other interested horse breeders. The middle of the twentieth century was not the best time to promote a new draft horse breed, as tractors were replacing draft horses for farm work. Thus, by the 1970s, the breed association was defunct and the American Cream was nearly extinct. In response to this danger, a new American Cream Draft Horse Association was formed by the few remaining breeders in 1982. About 300 horses are in existence, with a distribution across the USA.

The American Cream Draft is a rare draft horse of consistently cream color and medium to heavy build, the only draft horse breed developed in the USA. It is a unique draft breed because of its cream coloring, which is not seen in most other draft horse breeds. Due to its small number of registered animals, the breed has been listed at a "critical" status by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Genetic research, conducted by E. Gus Cothran of the University of Kentucky, has established that the American Cream Draft is not merely a color variant of the Belgian breed, but unique in type as well as color. The color is caused by a dominant gene known as the champagne gene, and it is neither a cremello nor a palomino.


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