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Patty Greene-Karl realized that in holland's the wool gene was recessive. When she would breed two holland lops carrying the gene she would often get Holland Lops that had wool. At that point she decided to maintain the breeding in attempts to create an entirely new breed of rabbit. She continued her breeding program for four years prior to her first showing of the American Fuzzy Lop at the 1985 ARBA Convention. The ARBA requires 3 successful showing of a new breed before they can officially be accepted. After her first successful showing in 1985, Greene-Karl then presented the breed at the 1986 ARBA convention, and was again a success. However, at the 1987 convention the breed failed. Judges fault the overall consistency among the rabbits shown. Finally in 1988, Greene-Karl had a successful third presentation and the breed was officially recognized by the ARBA. Today the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club has over 550 members throughout the United States and World.

The American Fuzzy Lop is a rabbit breed recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). It is similar in appearance to a Holland Lop. However, the American Fuzzy Lop is a wool breed and will have wool similar to the Angora breeds, although the wool will be of a short variety.


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