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The history of the American Indian Horse is varied according to which area of the U.S. from which you begin. Its earliest origin is from the Iberian horses which were brought over to the Americas by the conquistadors. Nowadays, the American Indian Horse Registry, established in 1961, has created five categories in which to group the horse. Class A are those with unknown pedigrees, such as BLM horses. Class AA have at least a fifty percent traceable pedigree to distinct American Indian tribe horses. Class M horses have modern type breed blood, such as Quarter Horse and Appaloosa. Class O horses are those horses which follow a distinct bloodline that follows back to specific Indian tribes. Class P is reserved for ponies of Indian type.

The American Indian Horse is essentially any horse of Spanish origin that has evolved to adapt to a particular environment within the United States (with the help of man in many cases.) Hence, the title American Indian Horse does not refer to one specific breed; rather, it applies to any breed that has proved itself capable of withstanding a distinct ecotone, whether it be the high plains of the Midwest or the low swamplands of the South.


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