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The American Keuda has some pronounced similarities with the Egyptian Mau breed, including body type, habits, and a belly flap, not seen in other breeds. Since the belly flap allows extra extension when running, and thus more speed, this would be a successful adaptation for any cat that needed speed, e.g. for pursuit or escape. Keudas also share a high level of intelligence and athleticism with the Mau, as well as love for warm conditions and a lack of shyness to water. They are not usually water-loving, however (like the Turkish Van for example, a landrace from the Lake Van region).

The American Keuda (pronounced KEW-da) is an emerging breed of cat. The Keuda is under active development since about 2002, but has already become semi-standardized. Were it recognized by a major cat registry, it would probably be classified as a "Provisional" breed (meaning it has been standardized beyond "Experimental" stage, but the desired characters are not entirely developed and/or stable). A small number of US catteries breed and provide Keuda cats


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