France is one of the greatest producers of Anglo-Arabians. The French Anglo-Arabian has traced back to two stallions: Massoud (an Arabian), and Aslam (a Turkish horse). Imported from Syria, they were crossed with three imported English Thoroughbreds: Comus Mare, Daer, and Selim Mare. Their three daughters, Clovis, Danae, and Delphine became the foundation stock of France's breeding program. The Pompadour National Anglo Arab Stud, part of the French National Stud, is at Château de Pompadour in Arnac-Pompadour, Corrèze. It also has influenced France's main sport horse breed: the Selle Francais. The Anglo-Arabian has been used by the military, as well as a general riding and sport horse. The breed is also excellent at eventing, with the stamina, jumping ability, and speed. In the United States, the Anglo-Arabian is considered a a partbred Arabian horse and is registered in a separate section within the Arabian Horse Association.

The Anglo-Arabian horse is a Thoroughbred (prefix Anglo) crossed with an Arabian horse. The cross can be made between a Thoroughbred stallion and Arabian mare, or vice-versa. It can also be a cross between a Thoroughbred and an Anglo-Arab, an Arabian and an Anglo-Arab, or between two Anglo-Arabians. No matter what the cross, the Anglo-Arabian must have at least 12.5% percent Arabian blood to be considered an Anglo-Arabian.


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