argus monitor

The Argus Monitor is a versatile predator and inhabits a large variety of biomes and habitats. They are primarily terrestrial, meaning they spend a great deal of time on the ground. This species is an avid digger and will dig large burrows or take over an already existing one, where they spend a sizable portion of their time. Despite all this, they will eagerly forage in trees and in the water. These large lizards are quite fast and will run up to 100 yards/meters to the nearest tree or burrow when they are chased. The Argus Monitor is riparian in habits and as such, it can usually be found around a permanent source of water. The Argus will often "tripod" in captivity and in the wild, raising up on their hind legs and supporting themselves with the tail. This unusual behavior is used to spot potential prey or enemies from a distance or when they are threatened. They exhibit this behavior on a regular basis in captivity. This habit provides them a unique characteristic that separates them from most other monitors.

Argus monitors (Varanus panoptes) are monitor lizards found in northern regions of Australia and southern New Guinea. It is also commonly known as the Yellow-spotted Monitor.


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