In the 19th Century there was an infusion of Boulonnais and Percheron blood, as well as the Ardennais and Trait du Nord, which increased the overall size of the Auxois. They are closely related to the Ardennes, and since the beginning of the 20th century, only Ardennais blood has been used to improve the Auxois. They are now somewhat larger in height then the Ardennes and both breeds are selectively bred for the horsemeat market due to their mass. The Auxois were widely used inthe transport industry and, with the advent of mechanisation, suffered dramatically in numbers, like many of the draft breeds. Today they are strictly protected and monitored by the Syndicat du Cheval de Trait Ardennais de L'Ausoix which is based in Dijon, and has kept the breed's studbook since 1913.

Originally from the Cote d'Or and Yonne region of France, the Auxois breed is a descendant of the old Burgundian horse, dating back to the Middle Ages. There are very few left, although efforts are being made to maintain the breed, particularly around the Cluny Stud and the ferile areas of Yonne and Saone-et-Loire.


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