bavarian warmblood

The Bavarian Warmblood has its home in Bavaria, one of the oldest horse breeding regions in Germany and was known in the past for the local Rottal horse. At the end of the 18th century, these Rottals were mixed with Holstein stallions which had Neapolitan and Andalusian bloodlines. In the first half of the 19th century, half-breds of Norfolk, Zweibruecken and Normandy blood were mixed in, and the breed became primarily for military usage as they were too light for farm use. This strong calibre horse breed was achieved by using Normandy and Oldenburg stallions. They were greatly used for carriage and field until World War II. Today's Bavarian Warmbloods, though, are based mainly on Hanoverian and Westphalian blood, which they appear most like. They were also refined with some Thoroughbred and Trakehner blood. The stud at Scwaiganger became the center of Bavarian breeding after the Landshut state stud was abandoned.

The Bavarian Warmblood is a horse breed of southern Germany that was bred using the old Bavarian "Rottaler" breed, English Thoroughbreds, and Trakehner stallions. The Bavarian Warmblood was registered as a separate breed since 1963.


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