The Birman is said to have originated in western Burma, and cats with similar markings are recorded in documents from ancient Thailand. One story claims that a pair was given as a gift to an Englishman named Major Gordon Russell and his friend August Pavie by the priests of the Khmer people; however, what is suspect is the year that he and his friend, Auguste Pavie, were actually in the Far East. As research dictates, it appears to be 1898, which seems to be accurate as history indicates certain tribal revolutions at that time, which relate to Buddhism and additional religious factions. Some sources quote 1916 or 1919 as the dates of the revolution, but confirming any of these dates has proved questionable and as it is acknowledged that Birman cats were first sent to France in 1919, therefore 1916 and 1919 would be more appropriate, as the priests gave the men two Birmans in thanks for saving their sect from decimation by the Brahmins: The story is relatively hazy, but claims that two cats were sent to France in 1919 to August Pavie and Major Russell Gordon, and breeding started immediately. The male died on the voyage, but the female survived and was in kitten. However, if the revolution of the Brahmins had been in 1898, there would have been too much of a gap (21 years) before the two men received the birmans and this seems too long to be credible.

The Birman is a breed of domestic cat. This breed has a pale coloured body and darker points with deep blue eyes.


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    Age: 3Y Sex: M

    United States


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  • Kali picture taken by his human sister Kim age, 34 from Cary, North Carolina taken while in Massachusetts visiting with Kali for the first time
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