October 31, 2011
Pet Adoption Alternatives
Everyday we pick up the paper or log on to the internet and we read something about a pet adoption and usually its about adopting a dog or cat. But, adoption is not just limited to dogs and cats. There are also rescue groups and pet adoption centers that take in other animals, large and small.

Many times you might think of adopting a pet, but perhaps a dog or cat isnít right for you so you just put that idea to the back of your mind. Instead of discounting adoption altogether you may want to look in to alternative pets.

If you live in a small apartment, a rabbit or guinea pig or even a bird may be the answer for you. Unless you have owned any of these, you may not realize that they are just as loving and needy in their own way as a dog or cat. They depend on your for their health and well being, and in return, they give you endless love.

Some of you may be thinking, gee, I already have enough dogs and cats but I have a lot of property and nothing to do with it. Perhaps you could consider adopting a horse or cow or pig, or even a goat. In todayís economy so many people have given up their horses, and the horse rescues are inundated with horses. If you already have a horse, a companion goat or cow might be nice.

What ever pet you decide on, large or small, furry or feathered, make sure you are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to them. Remember, these poor animals have already lost one home, and they donít deserve to lose another. If you arenít prepared to emotionally, physically and financially take care of a live pet, perhaps you should wait until the time that you are.

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awolfie57 (Offline)

Cindy you are so right! I volunteer with House Rabbit Society. We work very closely with HS and I am also a vet tech with extra CMEs in rabbits. To say my home is a zoo is putting it mildly since I have many rescue animals;dogs, cats,gerbils, mice, guinea pigs,turtles & bearded dragons besides the bunnies & the ones I foster. HS allows us to have meetings at their facility & we help them when they have confiscations involving bunnies. This Sunday we are doing a holiday boutique with Santa pics too. I always work adoptions as a counselor & educator. I try to reach out & educate others I meet that are trying to "rehome" their bunnies online & elsewhere. What you said about lifetime committment is the most important. People must realize this means the lifetime of the pet be it 2yrs or 20+yrs. They need to research before they get any pet to be sure they can maintain a healthy happy life for the companion animal. The most important things above basic care & love are marking your home in case of fire so it is known pets are inside AND put them in your will or final instructions. Something must be in place where they will live & with whom in the event of your early demise. People don't think when they get a parrot or a sulcata tortoise that they will very probably be outlived.


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