March 23, 2012
Oxygen Carrying Dog Makes Life Easier For Little Girl
What we take for granted everyday isnít what one little 3 year old girl named Alida has the pleasure of doing soÖ.breathing and getting enough oxygen. Alida was born with a very rare disease that prevents her from getting enough oxygen from the air like the rest of us. She has to rely on an oxygen tank at all times in order to breath normally. From the time that she was diagnosed with this unusual disease at the age of 6 months, Alida has been tethered to a 6lb oxygen tank. Alidaís parents the Knoblochs knew as Alida grew older and more mobile that something would have to be done for her to carry around the oxygen tank. At first her father devised a walker to help transport the tank; however, as she became faster and more mobile, the tank didnít work adequately. The Knoblochs had heard about service dogs on TV so they investigated further to see if that could work for their daughter. Their investigation led them to Mr. Gibbs, a golden doodle that was just finishing up his initial obedience training. Though he wasnít exactly what the Alidaís parents had in mind, Alida had a different idea. She fell in love with Mr. Gibbs and the affection was returned. Mr. Gibbs than began his specialized training so that he could accompany Alida and carry her oxygen tank. If she rides a bike, he has to run along the bike, if she goes down the slide, he has to go with her. He basically has to keep up with all her energy, at her side at all times carrying this 6lb tank. So far he has done well, though there is a bit of a communication barrier because Alidaís three year old word pronunciation isnít always clear. The long term goal here though is for her to be able to attend school like a normal child with Mr. Gibbs at her side. Hopefully this will only be temporary since children with NEHI do seem to grow out of this disease and then Mr. Gibbs will just become the family pet.

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dottiec (Offline)

This is amazing!


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