June 5, 2012
Is There Such a Thing As Doggie Flu?

Over the past few weeks it seems that my dogs have passed a bug of some sort from one to the other. They werenít deathly sick or anything like that, I could just tell they felt puny and they didnít want to eat. They had a bit of a cold runny nose but thankfully no cough. So, what could this possibly have been?

I think they had the doggie flu. Yep, dogs do get a flu which is similar to humans but cannot be passed on to a human just to each other or the same species. However, there has been some evidence to show that dogs can catch the flu from their owners.

This flu is generally not life threatening however it can lead to other problems which could be. Mainly flat faced dogs that contract it could have more problems with pneumonia than other dogs.

Dogs that visit dog parks, pet hospitals, pet shows or are in the public with a lot of other dogs are exposed more frequently to this than dogs that never leave their owners property.

If you arenít sure whether or not your dog has the flu a test can be done of them to verify it. Also, there is a shot (several actually) to help lessen the symptoms of the doggie flu should they get it. It will not however make them immune to the flu.

Treating the flu for your dog is similar to how you would treat it in a human. Make sure they drink plenty of fluids and get a lot of rest. Antibiotics do not work on a virus, however, if a secondary infection develops, your veterinarian may put them on an antibiotic.

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