September 25, 2012
So Many Ways To Volunteer To Help Pets

Though we all know that the number one source needed to maintain a rescue shelter is financial, not everyone has the means to help out financially. That does not mean that there arenít other ways in which to help out rescue shelters that arenít just as important. Even if you are limited on your time, there are ways which you can help that is deeply appreciated.

You know those old towels and blankets you have around the house, rescues are always in need of them, so bag them up and drop them off. Its so much better then the dogs and cats laying on those cold concrete floors.

Rescues are always in need of people to help at Adoptathons, so if you feel inclined to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with these precious guys, volunteer to help at the Adoptathons. If you canít make it to the Adoptathon, they could probably use your help beforehand cleaning up the pets to get them ready for their big day. Clean and good smelling pets are more likely to be adopted.

If cleaning pets isnít your thing, what about helping out with cleaning kennels and cages. There is always a huge need for volunteers to keep pet living quarters as clean as possible. And there are always yards to be cleaned up too.

Another huge part of volunteering is to walk and talk and be with the animals. So many of these animals have been mistreated or have limited human interaction. Pets that are people friendly are more likely to be adopted also, so its important for them to be exposed to a host of different people. Yes, its actually playing with the doggies, and a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Fundraising is probably the second most important project for rescue shelters. Some fundraisers are time consuming, others not as much. Depending on how much time you want to put into a Fundraiser there are a lot of options. Restaurants like Chiliís and Sweet Tomatoes make fundraising easy and tasty. All you have to do is set up a day for everyone you know to eat there (strangers too), pass out a slip of paper that says its for your fundraiser and a portion of the sales from those patrons goes directly to the rescue. Its that easy. More involved fundraisers can be online auctions or at a pre planned location like a Wine Tasting. Just helping to spread the word for the fundraiser is much appreciated.

Humane Educators play a big role in rescuing. Since teaching children about pets from an early age is best, going into the schools and talking with the children, showing them how to handle pets, give them the basics of what pet ownership is really all about and impressing upon them that animals arenít disposable, that when you chose an animal, you chose it for its life, that you are the sole provider for them, they depend on you and their life is in your hands. Humane Education is very rewarding and lots of fun. You wonít believe some of the comments you get from the kids.

Fostering is also at the top of the list for rescues. There are never enough foster home for all the animals that are left behind. If there is anyway in which you can foster a pet, please be sure to work with an agency to give a dog a temporary home till they can be placed permanently.

Are you computer proficient. Volunteer to set up or run their website. Post about lost dogs, found dogs and pets for adoption. You are probably on the computer anyway playing a game on Facebook or Twittering about the weather, so put your skills to good use.

Last but not least is being a transporter. With social media being what it is today many pets are placed nationwide from rescue to rescue or rescue to their new homes. Transporting them to their new homes can be an obstruction, however, if you are capable of even driving them in a relay of 100 miles or so, you can be of great help.

You can truly make a difference and touch the lives of so many pets just by helping out however you can. It doesnít go unnoticed or unappreciated, no matter how little you can do, its all about helping the animals.

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