September 26, 2012
First Pet Weight Loss Clinic

Studies have shown that up to 65% of pets are obese, so it seems fitting that we should help them out and have a weight loss clinic for them like humans do, after all, itís their owners fault they are overweight.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University has now opened the first animal only weight loss clinic in Massachusetts.

Obesity in pets can cause a lot of problems to your petís health and physical well being. Difficult breathing, joint disorders and diabetes are all affects of a dog or cat being overweight. Unlike humans though, being overweight has no affect on heart disease in dogs and cats.

Because people often associate food and treats with loving their pet, the weight loss clinic at Tufts will teach owners a different approach to showing your pets how much you love them by keeping them weight healthy. They will teach the owners good pet nutrition and how to find time in their busy schedules to get their pets active. The clinic is hoping to treat 600 patients by 2015.

There may be a little extra benefit to this also. You see a lot of overweight pets with overweight owners. Since the owners will be getting more exercise and learning about proper nutrition needs they may also get healthier in the process.

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