bluetick beagle

This breed is not recommended for novice owners, because being very intelligent and curious, these hounds have a mind of their own and need consistent and firm training. Drill is not for them; these dogs respond well to interesting exercises and often invent new games.

This is one of the smallest of the hunting hounds. They can be both gundogs and family companions. These dogs are relatively easy to keep. However, they should receive a considerable amount of care, training and attention from their owners. Known for their endurance and high energy level, these lively and playful dogs remain pups at heart well into their adulthood.


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  • jujube

    Age: 7Y Sex: F

    United States

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  • My Pet
  • For my cousin Battalion Chief Robert Scarpati retiring after 35 years of service!
  • I just knew it!
  • Sleepy Puppies
  • Merry Christmas

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