boer pony

The pony has similar origins to the Basuto pony. It developed from the Cape Horse in the 19th century. During that time, however, it was influenced by imported stock, such as Flemish, Hackney and Cleveland Bay. The Boers looked after their breed better than did the developers of the Basuto, and it did not have to survive such rough conditions. Consequently, the Boer pony has become a better-developed animal. In the Boer wars, its great mobility and toughness helped the Boers move around and hold out against the British Empire for three years. Various attempts were made to form a Boerperd Society, and in 1973 the Boerperd Society of South Africa was formed. Today, the Boerperds are found in isolated herds in the south-east Transvaal, northern Natal, eastern Free State and north-eastern Cape. They are used as utility horses on farms and for the increasingly popular sport of endurance riding.

The Boer Pony is a calm, tough pony which is often capable of five gaits: walk, trot, canter, slow gait and rack. It is a slightly larger animal and has more quality than its close relative, the Basuto. It originates from South Africa.


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