booroolong frog

This species was once abundant in streams above about 200m, until drastic declines began to occur in the New England tablelands in northern New South Wales. Although some declines have occurred in the Central Tablelands and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales they have not been so severe. Currently in the northern tablelands it is only found in 2 streams near Tamworth. In the central tablelands it is found along the Abercrombie River, the Turon River and the Winburndale Creek catchment areas. In the southern tablelands this species is still found along the Tumut River, Yarrangobilly River, and the upper Murray River catchment areas. It is present at one stream in Victoria. The introduction of fish such as trout, along with the Chytrid fungus is believed to be the main cause for decline.

The Booroolong Frog (Litoria booroolongensis) is a species of stream dwelling frog native to the western slopes and ranges of New South Wales and northern Victoria.


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