The Breton originates from a province called Bretagne in northwest France. Bretagne, which has a very demanding climate, had the need for a horse with great strength and durability. Horses have been present in the Breton mountains for thousands of years, but nobody knows how they first arrived. In the Middle Ages, the Breton horse was sought by military leaders, partly because of its comfortable gait. Around the seventeenth century, the Breton horse was sent to New France (Canada) by the king, and the Canadian Horse still shows the Breton's influence. Throughout centuries the Breton was crossbred with various horses, both native and foreign, including Boulonnais, Percheron and Ardennais. In the nineteenth century it was crossbreed with the Norfolk Trotter, which resulted in the most distinguished type of Breton, the Postier Breton. Later, in 1930, crossbreeding was abandoned. Crossbreeding reduced the unique qualities of the Breton, and therefore crossbreeding with the Breton is usually used to improve and create another breed like the Freiberger. The Breton was originally breed in the four districts of Bretagne, but now has spread all over France, especially to the lower mountains of the Central Mountains and Pyrenees. The Breton are the most numerouse of the draft horses in France, and are widely exported around the world.

The Breton is a horse breed, which are very common as draft horses in France.


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