Brumbies are the descendants of escaped or lost horses belonging to the area's European settlers. The first horses imported to the Australian continent were "Capers" that arrived from South Africa and after that there was a shipment of Chilean Horses. Later there were introductions of Timor Ponies from Indonesia, British pony breeds, various British draft horse breeds and a strong influence of Thoroughbreds and Arabians. With time this mixture contributed to the growing number of feral horses running wild in Australia, many on National Parks. Occasionally they are mustered and domesticated for use as working "stock" horses on farms, rounding up and droving sheep, cattle, and other livestock. Several voluntary organisations are attempting to rehome these horses.

A brumby is a free-roaming feral horse in Australia. Although they are found in many areas around the country, the most well-known brumbies are found in the Australian Alps region in south-eastern Australia. Today, the majority of them live in the Northern Territory, with the second largest population in Queensland. There are more horses in the wild in Australia than any other country. It is similar to the American mustang. A group of brumbies is known as a mob, and also as a band.


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