burmese pony

The Burmese Pony originated in the Shan state of Eastern Burma, where it is bred today by local tribes. It shows similarities to the Bhutia, Spiti, and Manipuri ponies of the Himalayan Mountains, suggesting these breed have a similar origin, most likely deriving from the Mongolian horse and other Eastern breeds.

The Burmese is well-adapted to its mountainous environment, being very sure-footed, tough, with great stamina and resistant to the harsh environment. This trait has made them extremely popular as trekking and pack ponies. The reliable ponies have a very quiet temperament and a willing nature, making them popular mounts for novices and children. At one time the Burmese were used as polo mounts for British colonials. However, they are not incredibly fast or athletic, so this was most likely due to the fact that they were the only mounts available at that time.


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