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Believed to be the oldest breed in Britain (besides the native ponies), the Cleveland Bay was bred in the Cleveland area of north-eastern England. The foundation stock is said to have dated back to the times of the Romans, and there are record suggesting that the breed was in existence in medieval times. They were originally known as Chapman Horses, since they were used as pack horses for travelling salesmen known locally as 'chapmen'. The now-extinct Galloway pony was thought to have been added to give the Cleveland Bay more surefootedness, while Barb blood was added for refinement. These big, strong horses were used for a variety of purposes, from working the land, to carrying goods, to foxhunting, to carriage work. As roads improved, there was a need for a faster carriage horse and the thoroughbred was, once again, introduced. The tall, elegant offspring, known as the Yorkshire Carriage Horse were very popular and exported across the world. The car made the Cleveland Bay all but disappear. Because pure-bred Cleveland Bays were more versatile, they remained as hunters, carriage, and farm horses. But World War II sent their numbers into decline. Luckily, there was a revival in the 1960s due mainly to Queen Elizabeth II, who bred many top-quality Cleveland Bays for the royal stables. Today, they are very popular for crossing with other breeds for their size, substanance, and docility. A number of warmbloods, especially from Germany, have benefitted from their blood. In recent years, the Cleveland Bay has been used as a competition horse. The part-breds have really excelled, especially those with Thoroughbred in their veins. The partbreds excel in the jumper, dressage and show arenas, as well as in eventing. The most known Cleveland Bay in American is Tregoyd Journeyman

The Cleveland Bay is a carriage-type horse, and is always true to its color: bay. This uniform color is desired in carriage horses because a team is more easily matched. In Britain, they are still used to pull carriages on state occasions.


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