Some earlier publications described it as the "Kazakh" horse of Azerbaijan or as the Azerbaijan horse. Deliboz horses differ from others by a clean, short head with a broad forehead and narrow nose, a compact heavy neck, a ribbed massive body with a good top line and an even, long back and loin. Legs are clean and well proportioned and the cannon bone girth is larger than that of other horses. Deliboz is characterized by unstable temperament and predominantly rack (or pace) gait. A typical feature is a peculiar lengthwise fold on the tongue giving the impression of a forked tongue. Average withers height is 152 cm, chest girth 172 cm and cannon bone girth 19.4 They are related to the Karabakh breed and are excellent riding and racing horses

The Deliboz is an oriental saddle horse breed in Azerbaijan and was formed in Qazakh, Agstafa and Tovuz regions of Azerbaijan.


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