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The Devon Rex is a relatively new breed of cat with a sparse, curly, very soft coat similar to that of the Cornish Rex. The first Devon was discovered in Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK in 1960 amongst a litter of feral kittens near a disused tin mine. The breed was initially thought to be linked with the Cornish Rex; however, test mating proved otherwise. Cats have three types of hair: guard hair, awn hair, and down hair. The Devon Rex's coat is unusual because there is no guard hair (see Cornish Rex and Sphynx for more information on hair-deficient genetics in cats).

The Devon Rex is a breed of cat that emerged in England during the 1960s.Known for their odd, striking appearance and playful, companionable nature, the Devon is a favourite among pet owners. They are often featured in the magazine Cat Fancy. A very rare and select breed, the average Devon Rex sells for $500 to $750 USD.


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