dwarf hotot

Two different German breeders created this breed almost simultaneously in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, the breed first entered the United States. These small rabbits are sweet and affectionate. They tend to be curious with playful personalities, and most are eager for attention.

Dwarf Hotots are essentially dwarf-sized versions of the Hotot breed, a white rabbit whose only marking is a black eye band (circle) around each eye. Dwarf Hotots are actually genetically black rabbits that carry a "bleaching" gene that turns most of the fur white except for the distinctive eye-lining. However if one is wounded, the fur will often come back black.


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    Age: 4Y Sex: F

    United States

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  • Thumper

    Age: 12Y Sex: M

    United States

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  • hello everyone, i sniff at you all
  • early morning
  • i luv to eat!
  • i love the sun

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