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The English Spot is a very active breed because of its high arch and needs at least 2 hours of running time each day. On the show table they are supposed to run on the table to demonstrate their full-arch type (this is true for all full-arch breeds except the Britannia Petite). English Spots make good pets because they are generally quite docile, but like most rabbits, they do have a few ‘mad March hare moments’! They will happily tolerate other pets included Guinea Pigs and familiarize themselves with domestic cats and dogs.

The English Spot is an old breed suspected to have origins similar to that of the Checkered Giant, including Flemish Giants and some kind of spotted wild rabbit. English Spots have been bred in England since the 1880s, and the first English Spots imported to America were from England. This breed is mostly white, with a buttefly mark on the nose, colored ears, and eyecircles that usually have a little "fling" on the side but rarely have a perfect circle, and chains of colored spots along its sides including a herringbone stripe down it's back.It is also recognized in the show ring if it has symmetrical spots on each side. When litters are born they are 25% charlies,25% selfs and 50% marked. Charlies are spots with incomplete markings and selfs are one solid color but almost never pure white alsays lilac,black or any recognised colors. Marked is an English spot with complete markings. Breeders have to carefully breed the colors that won't make an unrecognised color.


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