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The Falabella is a well proportioned pony that resembles the Thoroughbred and the Arab. The miniature horse has a sleek coat and a slim frame. The Falabella came from a selective breeding policy which was used to create this horse by a man named Julio C. Falabella at his ranch in Argentina. To create these unusually small horses he crossed the smallest Shetland pony he could find with a very small thoroughbred stallion. He then down bred by breeding the smallest animals with each other until the Falabella came about. The smallest miniature ever bred was a mare named Sugar Dumpling, bred and owned by Smith McCoy of Roderfield, West Virginia. The horse was only 20 in (51 cm) high and weighed about 30 pounds!

The Falabella pony is a small HORSE bred from a Criollo base with English thoroughbred, Hackney, Appaloosa and Shetland blood included. It was originally bred in Argentina by a man named Julio C. Falabella. These small horses can get up to a height of 8 hands (32 in) tall. Compared to the tallest horse in the world, which was 19 hands tall, these horses are very small. The Falabella is the smallest horse although types of horses, usually based on the Shetland, are widely found throughout the world especially in the US.


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