The Falabella originated in Argentina.The Falabella is descended from Andalusian horses brought by early immigrants to the pampas of Patagonia. These original Andalusians were often left to roam free after failed colonization attempts. As a result, they developed characteristics suitable to the landscape and climate, as well as genetic mutations caused by a small gene pool. To travel long distances and to withstand the strong sun and winds, the Falabella developed great stamina. Genetic changes resulted in the smaller size. It was not until 1940 that the Falabella breed appeared in earnest, after breeding attempts by the Falabella family, led by Julio C. Falabella, saw the breed reach a standard height of first under 40 and then under 30 inches. Due to their small size, the Falabella is often used in shows that are not unlike dog shows.

The Falabella horse is the smallest breed of horse in the world, reaching around 75 cm/30 inches in size[verification needed].. Descended from the Andalusian breed, the Falabella developed in the pampas of Patagonia.


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