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Though they may have a more wild temperament, they may be treated as house cats or derive sustenance solely from their job of lowering the mouse and rat populations. In the latter case, lack of guaranteed food supply, and the necessity of physical exertion on their part, will tend to cause the cats to be much leaner than their domestic counterparts.

Farm cats also known as barn cats, are cats kept primarily for the purpose of catching the smaller vermin found on farms and ranches, which would otherwise eat and/or contaminate the farmer's crops, and especially grain or feed stocks. They are often semi-feral (wild) cats, and thus caution should be taken around them.


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  • Thor

    Age: 3Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Dewey Vaughn Keane
    Dewey Vaughn ...

    Age: 8Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Mr Toes
    Mr Toes

    Age: 6Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Sophie

    Age: 8Y Sex: F

    United States

  • max

    Age: 6Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Princess

    Age: 5Y Sex: F

    United States

  • onedawg

    Age: 17Y Sex: M


  • Jinx

    Age: 7Y Sex: F

    United States

  • Toby

    Age: 7Y Sex: M

    United States

  • Jacinto

    Age: 6Y Sex: M

    United States

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  • im so handsome
  • my sister and I
  • RIP Dewey Vaughn Keane <3

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