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It is one of the world’s oldest breeds, and has a long recorded history of pure-breeding without crossbreeding from other sources. It is believed that the ancestors of the Fjord horse migrated to Norway and were domesticated over 3,000 years ago. Archeological excavations at Viking burial sites indicate the Fjord horse has been selectively bred for 2,000 years.[

The Fjord horse or Norwegian Fjord Horse (known in Norway as a Fjording) is a rather short but very strong breed of horse from the mountainous regions of western Norway. It ranges from 135 to 150 centimetres (approximately 13.1 to 14.3 hands) in height and weighs from 400 to 550 kilograms (about 882 to 1210 lb). Though some individuals may fall under the traditional cutoff between horses and ponies, it is always considered a horse, regardless of height.


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