florida softshell turtle

Florida Softshell Turtles are almost entirely aquatic, generally only emerging from the water to bask or to lay their eggs. They prefer still waters and can be found in ponds, streams, rivers, lakes and swamps.The Florida Softshell Turtle is carnivorous, eating fish, snails, insects, and amphibians. The turtle is usual shy around humans, but when they feel threatened they will bite with their strong jaws. Like all soft-shells they are very fast in water and on land. In captivity they have been known to live up to 30 years old , although in the wild their lifespans are shorter.

The Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox) is a species of softshell turtle native to the eastern United States, primarily in the state of Florida, but it also ranges to South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. They are widely distributed by the pet industry, and individual specimens have been found released to the wild well outside of their range, but they are not known to have established outside of their native habitat. They are widely distributed by the pet industry.


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