fox snake

Fox snakes are primarily diurnal and terrestrial, rodent feeding snakes, but sometimes will also eat birds, rabbits, and juveniles often consume frogs and other small animals. They kill their prey by constriction. Like many colubrid snakes, when harassed they will vibrate their tails, which frequently results in them to be mistaken for rattlesnakes. They are also capable of releasing a musky anal secretion which purportedly smells fox-like, hence their name. In the winter months fox snakes will hibernate, often congregating with other snakes, even those of other species, in suitable den sites. Fox snakes are extremely docile towards humans, and are rarely aggressive, even if cornered. They are considered to be an excellent snake to keep as a pet.

The fox snake is the common name given to two species of non-venomous snake. The eastern fox snake ranges in the states of Ohio and eastern Michigan, and the Canadian province of Ontario in flat, marshy areas along the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Erie. The western fox snake occurs in the open forests, prairies, and farmlands of western Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Their ranges are not known to overlap.


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