galician pony

It is thought to have developed partly from the Garrano pony of Portugal. The ponies are hardy and rugged. They have a size between a pony and a normal horse, and have a short body and strong legs. They have a straight profile, and usually are chestnut in color. The ponies are currently used for riding and meat production, although they were originally used to produce brushes from their mane hairs. A herdbook was formed in 1994. A 1973 study by Pedro Iglesias estimated more than 20,000 Galician ponies are free in the mountains of Northwestern Spain. Nevertheless, it is thought that their numbers have probably decreased. Once a year, the semi-wild herd is driven from the mountains to the "curro," where the ponies are branded and their manes and tails are cut. Some are sold, while the rest are set free.

The Galician pony is a breed of pony developed in northwestern Spain that has had an influence on the Galiceno breed in Mexico


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