The Garrano, sometimes called the Minho, an ancient breed, descended from the same stock as the famous Sorraia. The Sorraia lives mainly between the two rivers Sor and Raia, while the Garrano lives in North-Portugal, so they developed differently according to their habitats. The Garrano mainly lives in the fertile regions of Minho and Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, and has probably had more outside blood influence it than the Sorraia. It is generally believed that the Garrano is one of the ancestors to the Andalusian and the Galician pony. Recently, the breed has had infusions of Arabian blood, implemented by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. This has refined the breed, but the ponies have also begun to lose some of their primitive features. The ponies are used for riding and light farm work. The military used them for pack purposes, and they are also good in harness.

The Garrano is an ancient breed of horse from Portugal, mainly used as a pack horse, for riding, and for light farm work.


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