great indian bustard

The current population is estimated at less than 1,000. The main threat to its existence is habitat loss. The bird is found in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states of India. Ghatigaon and Karera santuaries in Madhya Pradesh had sizeable population earlier but now there is no Great Indian Bustard seen in Karera wildlife sanctuary in Shivpuri district. The Great Bustard was identified in 1978 at Nanaj, 18 km from Solapur in Maharashtra by Mr B.S. Kulkarni. Nearly 24 bustards are now seen in Nanaj sanctuary. Maldhok is also said to be found in Shrigonda taluka in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. There has been some assaults recently on the habitat of the bird.and one bird was found injured and eventually died.

The Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps) also known as Maldhok (???????)is a bustard found in India and possibly Pakistan. It is a large ground dwelling bird with a long neck and long bare legs and some what similar to a young Ostrich. Its standing height is more than a meter, wing span is 2.5 mts. and weighs about 18 kg.


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