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A proper "Vanner" is a heavy carriage or cart horse heavy enough to pull relatively large loads. The idea of the Gypsy Vanner/Cob being "bred for centuries" is not completely accurate. For as long as Gypsies have been around, they have bred whatever type of horse that best suits their needs. The availability of horses may have contributed to this, as well as breeding different horses to achieve desired results. Thus, the planned breeding of "Vanners" is a relatively new concept.

The Gypsy Vanner is a breed of horse with its origin among the Irish Travellers, or Gypsies, of the British Isles. In the United Kingdom, it is usual to refer to them as "traditional coloured cobs", or "piebald/skewbald cobs". These horses are also called a Gypsy Cob (USA ), Irish Tinker Horse, (in Germany and Netherlands), Irish Cob, Piebald (in Ireland), or Gypsy Vanner (USA). Bred for strength and docility. The typical horse measures 14.0 - 15. hands.


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