The Himalayan is the only breed classified as cylindrical - long bodied like a cylinder or tube. When shown, the judge judges this breed posed in a "stretched out" position. However, they are not good show type.

The Himalayan is an old breed long-known in Asian countries in the region of the Himalayan Mountains. It is more widely distributed throughout the world than any other rabbit breed, and has been known by more names, such as the Chinese, Russian, Egyptian, and the Black Nose. They are known for their gentle temperament, and make great pets for children and are also a good choice for a first-time rabbit owner - or anyone who wants a rabbit that is content to sit in their lap sometimes. Like a Himalayan cat, the Himalayan rabbit is white with dark points on the nose, ears, and feet. The original variety had Black points, but later breeders created the Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac varieties. They are born all white, but their markings come in as they age. They are delicately built and always have pink eyes.


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