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This tiny gorgeous breed marked its beginnings when a man by the name of De Cock sought to combine the best qualities from two rabbit breeds, the French Lop (known for being large and having floppy ears) and the Netherland Dwarf rabbits, into a new breed. His scheme was to breed a petite French lop with the body features of a Netherland dwarf, thus creating quite a challenge.

The Holland Lop rabbit is the smallest breed of the lop rabbit family. All rabbits belong to the larger family of Lagomorphs, which include rabbits, hares, and pikas. The Holland Lop is very popular and well-liked by many rabbit enthusiasts, pet owners and breeders in the United States because of its compact size and attractiveness or "cuteness". It is characterized for having a bulky, stocky and a muscular body; its ideal weight is 3 lb (1.4 kg) to 4 pounds for showing with the American Rabbit Breeders sanctioned shows, although some may reach a weight of 5 or more lb (1.8 kg).


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