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The Hucul is arguably the most direct descendant of the Eurasian wild horse Tarpan (now extinct). It is named after the small ethnic group of Hutsuls. However, the horse breed is much older than the Hutsul people. The Huculs are probably depicted on the monuments erected by Roman Emperors Domitian and Trajan, as Dacian draft horses. The breed was mentioned for the first time in written resources around 400 years ago (as the "Mountain Tarpan"). Unlike the Polish Konik, the Hucul has been only rarely cross-bred with domestic horses. In the 19th century, the Huculs were used by the Austro-Hungarian Army. In 1856, the first stud farm was established at Radauti, Romania. Several bloodlines were established by the foundation stallions Goral, Hroby, Ousor, Pietrousu and Prislop, and the horses were carefully bred to preserve the purity of these bloodlines.

The Hucul/Carpathian is a breed of draft horse, originally from the Carpathian Mountains. This heavy horse possesses great endurance and hardiness. The breed is also referred to as the Carpathian pony, Huculska, Hutsul, Hutul, Hutan or Huzul. Hucul ponies are usually calm and are used for both trail riding and pulling timber in otherwise inaccessible forested areas. They are brown, grey or dark grey.


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