jameson's red rock hare

Jameson's Red Rock Hare is not on any endangered or threatened list. The habitat that it uses, as with many other animals' habitats, is endangered because of human encroachment. The continent of Africa, even the region this species is found, is often war-torn and this may affect Jameson's Red Rock Hare, its habitat, or both. Currently though the population of Jameson's Red Rock Hare appears to be stable.

Jameson's Red Rock Hare is a leporid found only on the continent of Africa, mostly in the southern portion of the continent. South Africa has a population of this red rock hare but it is only found in the northwestern part of the country. Botswana also has a population, they occur mostly in the eastern regions of the country. Zimbabwe or Namibia is thought to have the largest population of the red rock hare and it said to be found throughout the country.


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