The Jutland was used not only in a draft capacity but was also a popular mount for the knights of medieval times. They had both the strength and the stamina to excel at carrying the heavy armour, although now they are not used commonly as riding horses. There is a theory that the Vikings took Danish horses into England and that the Suffolk Punch developed from these, and there are certainly similarities between the modern Jutland and the Suffolk Punch. During the 18th Century, Frederiksborg blood was introduced to the breed which was responsible for improving their paces. However, it was a Suffolk Punch stallion that was to have a major influence on the development of the modern Jutland. The stallion was Oppenheim LXII who was imported to the region in 1860 by the well-known horse trader, Oppenheimer of Hamburg, who specialised in Suffolk Punches. The Jutland is also believed to have Cleveland Bay and Yorkshire Coach Horse blood, which is the combination that gives rise to its heavy, but attractive, draft appearance.

The Jutland Horse can be traced back to the 12th century, although ninth century pictures of Danish warriors show them riding horses which appear quite similar to the modern Jutland. Jutlands are a cold-blooded, draft horse breed originating from Denmark.


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