kazakh pony

The Kazakh is believed to descend from the Asiatic Wild Horse, but has had infusions of many different breeds throughout its history. The breed resembles the Mongolian ponies with a more refined head, and thus is probably related to the Mongolian horse of today. The breed developed among the formerly nomadic peoples of Kazakhstan. Both types show signs of having crosses to Don, with the Adaev also showing evidence of additional infusions of Akhal-Teke, Iomud, Orlov Trotter and Karabair.

The Kazakh is an ancient breed of pony believed to be a descendant of the Asiatic Wild Horse and originating in Kazakhstan of the former USSR. The breed has been subjected to a wide range of influences from other breeds, most notably, the Mongolian, Arabian, Karabair, Akhal-Teke, and more recent infusions of Thoroughbred, Orlov Trotter and Don Blood.


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