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Kiger Mustangs are a type of horse that were discovered in 1977, during a roundup by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Beatys Butte, located in southeastern Oregon (Harney County) in the United States." During the roundup, it was noticed that among those horses collected from the area, there was a group with similar color and markings. Testing was done at the University of Kentucky and the DNA showed close relation to the Spanish horses brought over in the 1600s. It was agreed that these horses would be separated from the other horses and the BLM placed two groups in different Horse Management Areas (HMAs) to preserve the breed. Seven horses were placed in Riddle Mountain HMA and twenty in Kiger HMA.

The Kiger Mustang is an "established breed", that is, breeding true for generations to a certain type. Many of today's existing Kiger Mustangs can be traced back to a single stallion named "Mesteņo", whose name means "stray" or "feral" in Spanish.


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