The Kustanair developed through crosses between Thoroughbred, Don, Kazakh, Half-bred, and the now extinct Strelets. Early crosses were fairly unsuccessful, but by using native mares and more Thoroughbred blood, the Kustaniar finally emerged. They are a warm-blooded breed, well suited for the harness work many had to do. For the most part, they have an easygoing temperament, though they do act up on occasions. They come in all solid colours, although chestnut is predominant. They range in size from 15 to 15.2 HH.

The Kustanair is a younger breed of horse that developed in the former U.S.S.R. At the state studs, they deliberately bred two different types of horses. The first set were stabled, corn fed, and selectively bred, while the other group were kept at pasture year round, allowing them to breed naturally, and have to find their own food, thereby producing a stronger, slightly heavier horse suitable for light draft work, whereas the stabled ones produced better quality horses.


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