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  • Pru
  • Pru
  • Pru
  • My Pet
  • Cinder chilling
  • Goodbye may seem forever Farewell is like the end But in my heart is a memory And there you'll always be
  • They where so cute and That's how i got Isabella
  • After i lost my pom in 2008 that April Molly had 9 puppys we did not really even no she was going to have baby we rerally don't breed are dog's but some how another dog got in are yard and molly was out to play we use to let her out side for 30mins or so
  • Molly
  • Molly when my mom first got her
  • Molly moo
  • Molly and Nenine at Christmas time
  • Molly and Isabella her baby
  • Molly as a baby
  • Molly with mom and my pom miss you all
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter
  • Boone's 4th Birthday
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter
  • This is me when I was  a  tiny puppy
  • I love Watching the birds!
  • I got a spongebob scarf!
  • Froggy!
  • This is me when I was just 9 weeks old!
  • My and sharkey!
  • My my big brother Diesel and my big sister Roxie eating our supper!
  • Daisy
  • Deep thought waiting for spring
  • Sidney
  • Reid
  • My Pet
  • Merry Christmas
  • The Sun feels soooo good
  • Deep  Thought
  • My Pet
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