latvian harness horse

The Latvian breed has only been established since 1952, but is believed to have descended from ancient roots. It is likely that the Latvian was closely related to the Don Gudbrandsdal, the North Swedish Horse and other heavy European draft breeds, originally dating back to the prehistoric Forest Horse of Northern Europe. During the 17th century, the breed had German riding horse, English Thoroughbred and Arabian horse blood introduced to it, but the most influential infusion was that from the Oldenburg, Hanoverian and Holstein. During the early half of the 20th century, 65 Oldernburg stallions and 42 Oldenburg mares were imported from the Netherlands which became the base for developing the breed. There were then crosses made using Hanoverian, Norfolk Roadster, Olderburd part-bred, East Friesian and Ardennes.

The Latvian Harness horsecomes from Latvia and there are three types altogether. Many other popular breeds have been introduced over the centuries.


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