madagascar fat-tailed gecko

These geckos have been found to do well in captivity and are fairly easy to care for. Because of this they have been becoming increasingly popular in the Herpetology Community. A recommended first species for anyone looking into the hobby. They have similar care to a leopard gecko, and in captivity have really shown nice patterns. There is a lighter colored phase called hypo, and there is the white stripe going down its back, or distinctive white curls arond the body. This happens because there is no need for camoflauge in Captivity, since there are no predators. Usually geckos with these markings are more expensive and range from a price of $20 -$45.

The Pictus Gecko (Paroedura picta) is a nocturnal ground dwelling gecko found in the leaf litter in forests on the island of Madagascar. It is sometimes seen in the herpetology world as the Madagascar Ground Gecko, Ocelot gecko, Malagasy fat tailed gecko, or Panther Gecko.


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