mali uromastyx

Their size ranges from 14 inches (U. hardwickii) to 36 inches or more (U. aegyptius). Hatchlings or neonates are usually no more than 3-4 inches in length. Like many reptiles, these lizards' colors change according to the temperature; during cool weather they appear dull and dark but the colors become lighter in warm weather, especially when basking; the darker pigmentation allows their skin to soak up more sunlight. They inhabit a range stretching through most of North Africa, the Middle East and across south-central Asia and into India. This area spreads across 5000 miles and 30 countries. They occur at elevations from sea level to well over 3000 feet. They are regularly eaten, and sold in produce markets, by local peoples. Uromastyx tend to bask in areas with surface temperatures of over 120 F. The spiked tail is muscular and heavy, and can be swung at an attacker with great velocity, usually accompanied by hissing and an open-mouthed display of (small) teeth. Uros generally sleep in their burrows with their tails closest to the opening, in order to thwart intruders.

The Uromastyx is a genus of lizard whose members are better-known as Spiny-tailed lizards, uros, or dabb lizards. Uromatyxes are primarily herbivorous, but occasionally eat insects, especially when young. They spend most of their waking hours basking in the sun, hiding in underground chambers at nighttime or when danger appears. They tend to establish themselves in hilly, rocky areas with good shelter and accessible vegetation.


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