mangalarga marchador

It all began when Francisco Gabriel Junqueira (Baron of Alfenas) decided to start a breeding study mixing his Royal Alter stallions with the common horse stock he had in his farm by that time. The common stock was a mix of Barb horses (mostly) and other breeds that came to Brazil by the time of its colonization. The result of the Alter x colonial horse cross mix was a much beautiful horse with a smooth gait. The Baron called these horses Sublimes. The time passed and Francisco Junqueira sold some of the Sublimes to his friend, who had a farm in Paty do Alferes in Rio de Janeiro state. The farm name was Mangalarga, and his owner sarted to use the Sublime horses to go to the Imperial capital, the Rio de Janeiro City. In Rio, people took notice of the smooth good looking Sublimes and started to call them Mangalargas. There is a consensus among breeders and researchers about the history of the Baron of Alfenas, such as divulged in many publications since Imperial times. There is also consensus that up to 1910 most of the ranchers involved in the development of the breed (especially the members of the Junqueira family followed his recommendations of evolution with the fixation of the marching gait, rusticity, resistance and good temper.

The Mangalarga Marchador is a breed of horse. Highly regarded as the National Horse, there are over 350,000 registered Mangalarga Marchador horses in Brazil and a number found in several countries outside its Brazilian homeland. As an Iberian breed, descending from the Andalusian horse stallions of Portugal and barb mares, they have carriage, beauty and intelligence, a warm personality and are easily trained for almost any discipline. The Marchador horses are known for having a smooth stable walk, canter and gallop as well as a natural diagonal (batida) or lateral (picada) four beat gait with a brief moment of triple hoof support. Their endurance, versatility out on the range, trail and pleasure riding as well as the ability to be trained in dressage or jump, makes the batida Mangalarga Marchador a wonderful sport horse that can be inspected and registered as a warmblood.


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